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Nawabshah canal breach

Written By A R Awan on 11 Aug 2014 | 01:28

A 100 feet break in channel close Daur submerged standing products on many sections of land of area and immersed five towns here on Friday. Watering system division said the spouting water from the 100-ft wide break in Gujrawah waterway close Daur town entered into Akhtar Jatoi, Imambakhsh Brohi, Somer Marri, Khair Mohammad Marri and Sharif Kambo towns, while standing yields on several sections of land of area have been immersed.

Nawabshah Street has likewise been submerged under breaking trench water influencing street movement to Sukkur. The populace of the influenced territories have begun moving to more secure spots. Watering system office's staff in the wake of having data arrived at the site and began the work of stopping the rupture.
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